In view of ongoing professional formation of teachers MMI Education and Training in the Kingdom of Bahrain has taken this great initiation to form Association of Critical Thinkers ACT.

Mr. Prabaker Vincent who is currently pursuing his Doctorate in Critical Thinking in Teacher Education is the founder of this Association. The ACT concentrates on the Professional Development of Teachers by providing training, seminar, workshops and different varieties of interaction.

There is a monthly seminar by experts on different subjects like Classroom Management, Creativity in the lessons, Communication Skills and collaborative teaching.

The ACT concentrates on all the 4Cs of 21st Century Skills.

The Present Executive Committee is as follows.

Mrs. Merlene Christina – Assessment & Evaluation

Mrs. Kripajah Molly – Seminar in Charge

Mrs. Anitha Suresh – Assessment & Evaluation in Charge

Mrs. Rahna Rahman – Membership In Charge