Life is a beautiful gift that we enjoy on earth. But at times due to depression, frustration, stress, anxiety, anger and grief, we halt to enjoy this life in its fullness. “Thannal” (Shadow) Guidance and Counselling is an effort to support human beings realize the gift of life and enjoy it. It is a movement to assist people with psycho-spiritual integration and therapies to attain happiness and peace.

Services at Thannal


  1. Individual Academic Planning
  2. Individual and Small Group Counselling Support
  3. Academic Support Services
  4. Bullying Prevention
  5. Suicide Prevention
  6. Drugs Abuse Prevention and Support
  7. Classroom Guidance and Psycho-education


  1. Academic Planning Support
  2. Referrals for Mental Health or Academic Needs
  3. Psycho Education
  4. Parent Discussions
  5. Parent-Child Communication Support


  1. Classroom Guidance
  2. Academic Support Services
  3. Classroom Observations and Recommendations
  4. At-risk student identification & Intervention Support
  5. Parent Teacher Conference Support
  6. Classroom Management & Problem Solving
  7. Student – Teacher Mediation


  1. School-wide needs assessment
  2. Academic Support Services
  3. Behavioral Management Plans
  4. Teachers Professional Development
  5. Staff Professional Development
  6. School Improvement Program Planning Assistance
  7. Assistance with overall School Climate


  1. Mentoring
  2. Volunteer Opportunities
  3. After-School Program Services



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